Conservation Department

A major reconstruction of the building in Denisova Street was finished in 2008 during which the conservation workplaces were modernised. These are equipped in correspondence with the current standards of care for museum items. The Regional Museum has the total of three conservation workplaces providing specialised care and protection of collection items in the form of preventative and reconstructive conservation. Besides complex practical interventions, the conservators control the state of collection items, the way of their storage or exhibiting and their manipulation. Collection items from an external depository have been treated with radiation systematically in the recent years, and conservative-restorative interventions are individually carried out on them subsequently. Students’ trainings and excursions take place on the conservation workplaces all year round. The workshop Reconstructive Conservation – Restoration is held on a yearly basis from 2017.

Mgr. Lucie Janusová
tel.: 585 515 137

Bc. Milan Stecker
tel.: 585 515 160

Dana Wlczková
tel.: 585 515 145