In 2008 the Regional Museum in Olomouc finished the reconstruction of the building of its depositories – a former school building of the Jesuit college in 30 Denisova Street. Part of this valuable Baroque building from 1701–1708, a protected monument, is the Lomená passage in its corner neighbouring with the Church of the Virgin Mary of the Snow. It repeatedly was a target of so-called taggers in the past years who destroyed it with unsightly signs.

“The museum wants to prevent further devastation of this significant cultural monument, and this is why it was decided to accept a suggestion to create a gallery in the Lomená passage in 30 Denisova Street; its concept is based in the contemporary trends, mostly so-called street art,” the museum director Břetislav Holásek explains. Exhibitions and programmes of the Lomená Gallery offer another interesting option for young artists and widen the cultural offer in Olomouc.